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Guarantee of quality

The VISODENT dental offices guarantee the utmost care for its patients, adopting a personalized approach and a wide-ranging choice of the best materials and technology

Team of experts

VISODENT represents a team of dentists specialised in implantology, prosthodontics and orthodontics that continually upgrade their knowledge

Patient care

Visodent team is fully dedicated to to their clients. Individual approach guarantees the best solutions for wishes, needs and possibilities of each individual patient

Modern technology

VISODENT uses the latest and the most reliable implant techniques and high quality equipment and materials. The use of certified biocompatible materials ensures safety of the patients

years of

Nataša Janjić

Going to the dentist's many of us consider unpleasant and even scary. My own skin uded to crawl to the sound of a dentist drill. In dr.Nikola Petričević's office Visodent,the doctor and his colleagues informed me of one revolutionary method of so-called "heavenly gas".That method has been used only in the USA,but it has started being udes here as well.It relaxes the patient completely so going to the dentist's becomes a pleasant experience. I would recommend this to everyone!

ana katusic bojanac

Ass. Prof. Ana Katusic Bojanac, DDS, MSc, PhD

Dr Nikola Petričević has been in charge for the health of my and my family's teeth for ten years now. As a long term patient I consider dr.Petricevic as one of the best dentists in Zagreb. He's been a great expert in modern prothetics as well as implantology,and he has a desponsible and serious approach to every patient,including the little ones as well.Moreover,he has run his dental office very successfully,using the latest ecquipment,being up-to-date with the newest achievements in development and technology of modern dentistry.