About Visodent - Visodent dentalna medicina

About Visodent

VISODENT, led by Dr. Nikola Petricevic, has at it’s disposal a team of expert professionals specialized in the different fields of dentistry and implant dentistry. Our knowledge of the most recent and innovative methodologies, combined with the use of the equipment and materials of high quality and individual approach to each patient, are to ensure that your every need is met in the best way and in the shortest time possible. Visodent has advanced equipment, with particular attention to instrument sterilization and hygiene environment. Our services include diagnostic radiology and dental laboratory where the prosthesis are performed according to European standards with CE-certified biocompatible materials. Finishing the treatment, Visodent issues the certificate of the work, where there are shown the quality standards and the type of materials used.

dr.Nikola Petricevic