Children and preventive dentistry - Visodent dentalna medicina

Children and preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry

Special care is dedicated to our young patients. The importance of preserving the health of baby teeth in order to prevent damage to permanent teeth and overall oral health is paramount.

Healthcare and protection of children’s teeth begins in pregnancy. Expectant mothers receive our full attention and guidance, which is essential for parents to prepare for the emergence of baby’s first teeth, implementation of good oral hygiene and dental care for your child.

A child’s first  visit to dentist is recommended at three years of age  in order to monitor dental development  and build children’s confidence  in their dentist. The emphasis of dental work with children is on prevention, protecting  the primary teeth from cavities. This way, premature tooth loss is  prevented and ensures adequate space for the permanent teeth is preserved. This supports the correct sequence for the natural emergence of permanent teeth and reduces the subsequent need for orthodontic treatment with the aim of functional and aesthetic bite correction.

It is necessary to point out that we are fully equipped to deal with children who may be afraid of dental visits and as a result are uncooperative. In some cases we use a device for conscious sedation: a mask is fitted and children breathe in nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”. After few minutes, our small patients are fully relaxed and ready to cooperate. The above procedure does not have any harmful effects, because it does not enter in any metabolic process in the body and is completely exhaled. The process is part of everyday practices in hundreds of offices across Europe and America.

To protect teeth in childhood we use preventive methods, like fissure sealing, fluoridation and the removal and control of plaque. Children’s teeth, which have been damaged by decay or trauma on impact, are repaired with white materials.