General dentistry - Visodent dentalna medicina

General dentistry

The aim of conservative dentistry is the preservation of teeth and restoration of those damaged by cavities. Modern conservative dentistry is minimally invasive; it removes only the decayed tissue and replaces it with the composite material or metal-free ceramic. These contemporary materials are much more aesthetic as their colour matches the surrounding tooth colour and it is not visible inside the tooth.


In the case of tooth decay or loss of tooth structure (fractures) vascularization and innervation of the pulp becomes compromised, resulting in the irreversible loss of pulp vitality. Deeper cavities lead to bacterial infection which progresses inevitably to direct pulp inflammation. The noxious stimuli on the inflamed pulp, during drinking hot beverages or chewing, trigger strong and painful symptoms. These irritations often lead to irreversible damage of the pulp and to the affected tooth canal treatment, therapy more commonly known as a “root canal”. It consists of the complete cleaning and instrumentation of each canal using special tools in order to make their shape suitable to fill them completely with an inert material and sealant.

Under normal conditions, the success rate of endodontic treatment is very high.

Repaired tooth gets darker and more fragile over the years and therefore the tooth crown is  the best protection that keeps him as a mold, enabling proper distribution of forces without the risk of fractures while chewing solid food.

Conservative therapy and aesthetic fillings

Sometimes we are not aware of the severity of a cavity until it has become quite extensive and deep, usually quite painful, as well as having an inevitable impact on the look of our smile. In these cases, the removal and reconstruction of the enamel and dentine destroyed by tooth decay require careful treatment, to be able to prevent the emergence of a new cavitiers and decay and at the same time returning the tooth to its natural appearance and full functionality.

VISODENT performs painless cavity removal and accurate aesthetic fillings using the most modern restorative materials available on the market that allow a perfect reconstruction of the tooth without impacting the colour of the tooth color.

Fillings (restorations) can last for many years, but the largest number of fillings need to be changed due to wear and tear or due to the appearance of new cavities along the edge fillings.