Oral surgery - Visodent dentalna medicina

Oral surgery


Dental surgery is used to treat numerous lesions or clinical problems affecting the tooth, the periodontium (hard and soft tissues surrounding the tooth) and the endodontium (the interior space of the tooth). Specifically, oral surgery is concerned with:

• Extraction of teeth partially or completely impacted in the jaw bones
• Extraction of wisdom teeth
• Extraction of root residue
• Removal of roots
• Apicectomy-root apex removal
• Removal of dental cysts, follicular and radicular
• Pre-prosthetic surgery, such as the maxillary sinus floor elevation for dental implants and more.

Dental surgery requires particular specialisation in order to safely and effectively deal with delicate and complex procedures.

Such procedures, at the request of the patient, can be carried out whilsts the patient is sedated by an anesthetist.
For the diagnosis of impacted teeth, Panoramic X-rays are commonly used and are performed in the Clinic, using the latest digital instruments ensuring minimal X-ray exposure for the patient.