The later stages of gingivitis and periodontal disease, caused by poor oral hygiene, are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

For this reason, we recommend regular appointments to maintain oral health.


Periodontal disease is a chronic or acute inflammation affecting deeper structures of periodontium which can lead to periodontal inflammation and if the disease is progressed, it may require antibiotic therapy. Other factors that support the development of this disease are smoking, diabetes, stress, pregnancy and hereditary factors. Inflammation of the gums is manifested in bleeding from the area along the tooth roots already at gentle contact.


Good oral hygiene is essential for your oral health. Oral hygiene means daily brushing and flossing, as well as using an antibacterial mouthwash. If the inflammation has started, professional plaque removal is needed to remove hard and soft plaque from the tooth surface by ways of ultrasonic electric instruments, sandblasting of narrow spaces or while using a hand-held instruments.

If the destruction of bone has been already done, the regenerative periodontal treatment has to be included in treatment. Different protocols are implemented, but most of them include artificial bone and membrane materials that are produced according to European standards with CE-certified biocompatible materials by trusted manufacturers.

After the treatment,  VISODENT issues certificate of the work, where the quality standards and the types of materials used in the procedure is shown.


At its disposal,  VISODENT has a team of expert professionals specialized in Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Oral surgery and Implantology. VISODENT‘s dentists did his specialty training in periodontology at the University of Zagreb, which guarantees 100% functional and aesthetic results.


At VISODENTall the treatments are organized to do the most we can in a day, without adversely affecting the quality of the treatment. In order to decide whether periodontal treatment is recommended for you and to develop a treatment plan, you need to provide our staff with a full medical and dental health history, a clinical exam and X-ray. The period needed to complete the treatment is one day.

NOTE: in order to maintain the positive results of the treatment, you need to have twice a year check-ups and tartar removal.


To ease your pain during the treatment, conscious sedation can be used. Conscious sedation, also known as “Laughing gas”, is the most common choice for sedation of patients with mild to moderate anxiety or fear of dental treatment.

The gas takes effect within a few minutes and within a short period, the effect disappears and has no side effects, making this method safe for use in daily practice. VISODENT offers conscious sedation as a part of your treatment, at a price of 60€.


At  VISODENT, our care for you, our patient, extends beyond your visit to our clinic. Aftercare is equally important as the procedures performed at our clinic. Therefore, after the treatment, you will receive detailed instructions on which medication to use and how to treat the operated area in order to make your recovery short and effective. Use of antibiotics and doses of analgesic tablets are strictly controlled. The recovery period is short, between 7 and 14 days.


At  VISODENT, average prices for these procedures are 5 times lower in comparison to prices in Britain. The lower price doesn’t influence the quality of the procedure, since only certified materials are used and our doctors are specialists in this part of dentistry.

At our clinic, periodontology prices vary between 50 € and 200 €, depending on your diagnosis. The exact price of your treatment is calculated before your trip to Croatia. Just contact us through our online contact form and our doctors will promptly get back to you with the calculated price of your treatment.

Send us an inquiry with details or request an appointment for a free first examination