Orthodontic treatment is functional and aesthetic treatment that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. The benefits are healthier mouth with less periodontal problems and pleasant appearance that lasts for a lifetime.


Different appliances and methods are used, but the two main groups are removable ones, and fixed ones. The removable orthodontic appliance, so called because the patient can remove it, is usually the first stage of treatment in children to correct “bad habits”, expanding the palate or correcting mastication to ensure alignment and correct positioning.

The fixed orthodontic appliance, consists of “brackets” that are bonded to the tooth surface with composite resin cement (each bracket is joined to the other by a wire that is molded or replaced during follow-up visits).

These devices can be removed and should only be put in by qualified personnel. In recent times, it is preferred to use barely visible orthodontic appliances, such as invisible braces, preferred primarily among adults who want to improve their appearance without the hassle of traditional appliances.


To achieve perfect aesthetics, we need specific solutions and a broad range of components, provided only by trusted manufacturers. At GoDENTAL, we use only top quality materials: metal brackets, full ceramic brackets and plastic components. All materials used in treatment are produced according to European standards with CE-certified biocompatible materials. After the treatment,  VISODENT issues certificate of work, where the quality standards and the type of materials used in the procedure is shown. Scientific studies have confirmed the success of certified materials in over 99% of the cases.


At its disposal,  VISODENT has a team of expert professionals specialised in Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral surgery and Implantology. GoDENTAL‘s dentist did their speciality training in orthodontics at the University of Zagreb, which guarantees 100% functional and aesthetic results.


At  VISODENT all the treatments are organized to do the most we can in a day, without it affecting the quality of the treatment in a negative way. To successfully complete this procedure, 1-6 visits to our clinic are required.

Based on the full dental health history, previous X-rays and photographs of your teeth, you provide when contacting us, our staff will determine the exact number of visits needed to successfully complete the treatment, and the exact number of days needed to complete each step of your treatment. Simple cases can be treated in one day, after which the patients are provided with the removable orthodontic appliances.


At VISODENT, our care for you, our patient, extends beyond your visit to our clinic. Aftercare is equally important as the procedures performed at our clinic. Therefore, after the treatment, you will receive detailed instructions on which medication to use and how to maintain the orthodontic results.


At  VISODENT, orthodontic treatment prices are 5 times lower in comparison to prices in Britain. The lower price doesn’t influence the quality of the procedure, since only certified top quality materials are used and our doctors are specialists in this part of dentistry.

At our clinic, orthodontic treatment prices vary between 2000 € and 4000 €, depending on your diagnosis. The exact price of your treatment is calculated before your first trip to Croatia. Just contact us through our online contact form and our doctors will promptly get back to you with the calculated price of your treatment.

Send us an inquiry with details or request an appointment for a free first examination