Conscious sedation – a solution for patients who have a fear of the dentist

The  sedation of patients in dentistry has been in use for many years in the United States and across Europe. The gas nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is the most common choice for sedation of patients with mild to moderate anxiety or fear of dental treatment. The gas takes effect  within a few minutes and within a short period, the effect disappears and has no side effects, making this method safe for use in daily practice.

Are you afraid of going to the dentist?

Controlled metering of nitrous oxide gas by inhalation, in combination with oxygen, results in a feeling of relaxation, stress, anxiety and pain reduction, , but also increases the susceptibility of the patient. Therefore, we work in close collaboration with a doctor, in order to steadily maintainvital reflexes.

These procedure and risks arebe explained to the patient at the first appointment and throughout the course of treatement. After the first treatment, the patient will see the advantages of this approach whichis significantly less stressful and more comfortable. Patients are more relaxed and less anxious before and after oral surgery.

Taking teeth impression triggering your gag-reflex?

An additional advantage of using ” laughing gas ” is to completely eliminate “gag reflex” or during impression taking, which makes this procedure much more comfortable for patients.

Do you want your dental treatment to be a positive experience?

This approach is particularly important for longer procedures lasting up to 4 hours because the patient loses sense of time. Treatment  seems much shorter for the patient, and therefore a morepleasant experience. Dental anxiety can be reduced andeven completely overcome by the dental professionals adopting a collabroative approach and will also build confidence in the doctor.

Does inhaling this gas have any bad reaction?

It should be underlined that sedation causes no side effects, because the gas is not absorbed in any of metabolic processes. All of the gas that is inhaled through the lungs will be exhaled. The only consideration and possible obstacle to using this treatment is a general medical contraindications or patients suffering from severe general diseases, is unable walk or suffers from claustrophobia.

Are there any age restrictions for patients?

Sedation can be used for adults and children. According to the American Academy of Dental Medicine, in the US alone there are about 40 million people who avoid going to the dentist due to fear. Dental phobia is so serious in some that  that the person tries to o avoid a visit to the dentist at all costs. Even simple daily routine procedures are a problem for these patients, such as taking teeth impressions and scaling. Sedation alleviates all of these problems and makes it easier for patients visiting the dentist. The biggest advantage of sedation is that it allows the dentist  to work in peace efficiently and more effectively.

HOW does sedation help children?

It is well known that children are typically  the most afraid of dental treatment, resulting in a lack of co-operation with the doctor. Dentists are therefore faced with challenging working conditions. Usually these children are in need of major surgery due to the advanced stage of decay, and usually the first time they sit down in a dental chair it is because of severe toothache and swelling. Sedation solves this problem in a way that the child is relaxed and ready to cooperate, and it saves time and makes  the work forthe doctor and other staff much easier.

What are the benefits of sedation with nitrous oxide in surgery and implantology?

Having an open mouth for a long period during a complicated  procedure can be a  problem. Since the patient feels time goes faster during sedation, it allows him/her to cope with these these procedures more easily. Stress in a patient is significantly reduced, which improves cooperation especially in the most critical moments of the procedure. These procedures are carried out peacefully and in cooperation with the doctor, and all with the aim of a more pleasant and successful treatment.

Which machine is reliable for high-quality application of sedation in patients, especially children?

Master Flux PLUS device for sedation involves the inhalation of the gas through a mask that is placed on the nose. The device has a flow control and automatic control of mixing two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide, in order to achieve an ideal gas concentration for sedation of the patient.

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