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Dental vacation

We pride ourselves on providing a complete dental service, paying special attention to your needs and wishes.
We support our patients on all aspects of their visit, from the organisation of your trip until the completion of your dental treatments, starting with these three simple steps:


For information regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.
Please send us your request, ensuring you include your contact information and details of your dental medical history (the reason for your request, information about past treatments and diseases, and any additional personal requests), as well as an X-ray and / or a plan of dental care as suggested by your dentist, if available.


Within 24 hours we will send you a free and non-binding quote which includes:

  • The recommended treatment
  • The time required for your dental treatment
  • The cost of the treatment

Our dental quote usually outlines more than one treatment plan, explaining in detail the recommended treatments, giving our patients a wide choice to make sure they can choose a treatment most agreeable to their needs.
This way, our patients have a solid understanding of how we work at the VISODENT Clinic, the possible treatment options, the costs associated with various treatments and total transparency, without any commitment.


After evaluating our quote, choose one of our destinations, either Zagreb or Split, and the date of your trip.
We recommend that you travel by air, because it is the fastest way (under two hours from most UK destinations ) and the most comfortable one. If you choose to travel by car, train or boat, we will endeavour to meet your needs.
We can assist you with for the entire organisation of your trip and your stay:

  • Choosing a low-cost flight
  • Accommodation
  • Free transfers from the airport / train station / bus station to the accommodation facility and the Clinic
  • Support and assistance for the duration of your stay


In addition to the above, we can provide additional services, to be arranged prior to your departure.
Some of these are :

  • List of affiliated tourist facilities (restaurants, bars, spas)
  • Guided tours to tourist attractions
  • A cell phone with a local number
  • Possibility to extend your stay in Croatia after the end of your treatment

If you have any additional needs, please do not hesitate to inform us promptly, so that we can assist you in the best possible way.