Face wrinkles are the result of normal facial movement showing expression. Muscle contraction and relaxation is especially visible on the both sides of the nose, between the eyebrows, on forehead and around the eyes.


Absence of hyaluronic acid leads to the impairment of the skin and the formation of the wrinkles. Its concentration decreases as we age. Therefore, treatment with hyaluronic fillers manufactured in the form of transparent gel, is done by injecting it into the skin in small doses in order to increase the volume of the facial structures and to improve the skin’s appearance and structure. Its application doesn’t have an impact on facial expressions.


Based on our deep expertise and knowledge of the most modern aesthetic techniques we decided to use only top quality materials.
Neuro-protein is one of the most popular products worldwide used in aesthetic medicine, that blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscle, therefore the muscle is unable to contract. It is a natural protein which is a non-toxic product with minimal risk of allergic reaction and hypersensitivity.


To date, more than 30 million treatments have been carried out, thus demonstrating the effectiveness and safety of neuro-protein product. These results are also long lasting. It is gradually re-absorbed after a period of 3 to 6 months.

The effect is not permanent and gives patients the opportunity to decide whether to repeat the injections in order to maintain younger looking skin.


At its disposal, VISODENT has a team of expert professionals educated in this facial aesthetic treatment certified by the producer.


At VISODENT all the treatments are organized to do the most we can in a day, without adversely affecting the quality of the treatment. Time required to inject the botox is one hour. This short and efficient schedule ensures the possibility to come to Zagreb for the treatment and fly back home on the same day.


At VISODENT, our care for you, our patient, extends beyond your visit to our clinic. Aftercare is equally important as the procedures performed at our clinic. Therefore, after the treatment, you will receive detailed instructions on which medication to use and how to maintain skin. Bruises, if they occur, last up to 7 days.


At VISODENT, injection prices are 2 times lower in comparison to prices in Britain. At our clinic, injection prices vary between 110 € and 400 €, depending on the amount of material injected during the procedure.

The lower price doesn’t influence the highest quality of results, since only certified materials are used and our doctors are educated for this treatment. The exact price of your treatment is calculated before your trip to Croatia. Just contact us through our online contact form and our doctors will do the rest.

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