Our dental studios in Zagreb and Split are elegantly furnished and have been designed to make the visit as enjoyable as possible during the waiting time, as well as during the session. Equipped with the latest technology, the clinic ensures maximum safety and efficiency to patients.

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The offices are equipped with the new generation units. To ensure full security to our patients, , every appliance, tool and object in the office, including telephone and handles, are cleaned, disinfected and protected with new plastic covers. Protection masks are worn during every session with all patients.
(for hygiene protocols applied see the Frequently Asked Questions section).

The studios are equipped with intraoral x-ray system and Kodak Carestream digital X-ray sensor that allow the detection of intraoral radiographic images and their digitisation, for reading diagnostics on the computer monitor.
The digital X-ray image can be processed in real time for clearer diagnostics, improving communication with the patient, who is included in treatment planning explaining his/her desires and expectations.

The surgical implant treatments, including sinus lift, bone grafting and implant placement, are conducted using the system of guided surgery. This system provides complete information of the patient’s anatomy, which allows detection of all the important structures (position and size) and realizes a surgical guide that helps to replicate the virtual planning during surgery.



Digital solutions are also used for the production of digitised prosthesis, eliminating the need to use traditional impression materials, often annoying and requiring long curing times. . Straumann ® CARES ® Digital Solutions makes intraoral scanning possible, allowing extreme accuracy and speed in the implementation of the prosthetic processing through CAM technology.

Each dental prosthesis produced in our laboratory is the result of processing steps forming part of operating protocols tested during the time. Checking each step of work with appropriate tools, the standard of quality is secured, and, in combination with materials of high quality, satisfies the objectives of function, efficiency and aesthetics. All this ensures patient satisfaction and meets the requirements of the European Directive 47/2007, replacing and modifying 93/42.